Two Birds With Cameras Exhibition Review

This exhibition was shown in May 2015

The Exhibition, “Inside Out” by 2 Old Bird’s with Camera’s (Jill Reidy and Dawn Mander) is a photographic exhibition that was being held in the gallery above local Blackpool coffee shop, Galleon Coffee Bar and is a documentary piece looking into the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) Society in Blackpool. The exhibition consisted of 71 images that were in two sizes, either just bigger than A3 or 6″4. The smaller images consisted of mainly singular and group portraits where as the bigger images were more artistic and consisted of more identity less portraits where the head was missing which made it more of a question about the sexuality of the people involved in the images. Each large image had a hand written quote underneath it which summed up that image of the person in that photograph, a lot of the time the quote didn’t help towards the unknown gender of the model either.

A couple of the images really caught my attention but one of the main images is the one featured below of a pair of legs and part of a torso leaping in the air and the shadow that is being cast on the wall background. The quote below reads, “I can flawlessly recreate Beyonce choreography….Can they? Exactly….”

This image caught my attention because although I don’t see it as being one of the most technically perfect images I feel that it embraces the documentary style best and the decisive moment. The reason that this image is one of my favourites is because I think it incorporates everything in which these women were trying to show, that it doesn’t matter about there sexual orientations that these people are still ordinary people. This image makes it completely impossible to be able to tell the gender of the subject.