Setting up Incandescent ’16’s Exhibition at Hoxton Arches

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Today I, alongside my fellow photographers arrived at Hoxton Arches ready and raring to set up our exhibition. Due to traffic though this meant that the van with all the work and tools in didn’t arrive until 12ish so for about an hour we started to recover the walls with paint in preparation for hanging. This was an interesting experience though because the first paint we found looked to be white until it was on wall where it turned into a lovely grey/ silver colour which would have been fine for a bedroom wall colour but was definitely not the colour we wanted for the walls of our exhibition. The van finally arrived though and we got to work unloading the van and unwrapping the frames. Once the van had been unloaded and the frames unwrapped we split up into two groups: the first group continued to paint the walls whilst the second group started mirror mounting the frames that hadn’t been exhibited in Manchester. We were like a dream team with all of this though and impressed ourselves with the speed and efficiency of our mirror mounting teams. After this we went for lunch whilst our curator, Aaron, waved his magic wand and curated our exhibition. On arriving back from lunch we then proceeded to hang the majority of the work on the walls so that tomorrow we only have a few left to hang (which does in fact include my work). Here is a photograph of the awesome people I got to work with this time when hanging (I apologise for our sweaty looking faces we had been working hard all day though!)

London Dream Team selfie 📸
London Dream Team selfie 📸

After this with the group I was staying in a hostel with we went and had a lovely meal in a restaurant before going to bed to get our beauty sleep before game day tomorrow!

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