Royal Photographic Societies’ Hundred Heroines – Celebrating Women in Photography Today

Representation on the line: (un)framing our identities – an exhibition presenting the women of 70+ international photographers who explore the concept of identity is showing at Hive in Blackpool from September 30th 2019 until October 7th 2019.

A couple of images from my series of work, Улыбка, are showing in the exhibition and it’s an incredible honour. The two images exhibiting are two propaganda images of myself in a kitchen so in true fashion of sticking with the theme of my work they have been hung in the kitchen of the exhibition space.

Exploring identity and how we identify ourselves and how others can affect our identity and how we view ourselves is a massive passion to me and this exhibition has just refuelled my want to explore this further. This has also been refuelled by the 70+ other women photographers who explore identity. It’s been incredible to chat to some of them and to see their work up close and personal especially when we are all exploring the same overarching concept of identity but through so many different lenses and points of view.

Recently I have questioned aspects of my identity and this is just what I have needed to give me the push to start exploring again. As always with my work though it is more about the concept and everything personifying this from the medium in which it is photographed on, to how the final project is displayed. I cannot wait to see if this works.