Reflection and plan for 2019

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Welcome to 2019,

It’s been a while.

Recently I have started studying a masters in marketing and it has been really good and really interesting but has left me with no time to do pretty much anything else bar work.

I have also been missing using my creativity and using this as an outlet for my stresses so I decided to book a weekend away in a couple of weeks and go to Liverpool to see my friend. I know this doesn’t actually help with the not using my creative side until it became apparent that I get to Liverpool at lunchtime and my friend doesn’t finish university until 5pm so I have some time to kill and what I want to do in that time is go back to a location I photographed in the Wirral and absolutely adored! It has to be one of my favourite locations to have ever shot at and I want to see whether being in a different state and frame of mind, being older and more mature (or not), doing something different with my life, and having more experience behind me now will affect how I photograph the same place/ thing. Now this could be a complete waste of time and there could be no difference what so ever or it could be really interesting to see the differences and how all of these different factors each affect my photographs.

So this is just a test at the moment and something to get me in to being creative again and exploring my creative ideas again but if it works I want to turn it into a series and using some original images that have and haven’t been published on my website and seeing how all of these factors affect each image. Some it may work really well with and technically and conceptually they may be better but they may lose some of the rawness that they originally had and may become too polished. Who knows?!

All that matters though is that I am excited to get back behind the camera and get photographing something again and developing an idea.

Watch this space 👀

Jessica x

(I have still been a little bit creative over the past few months just with a marker and a doodle sketchbook instead of a camera, film and a laptop)

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