Northern Star Photography Origin

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There is something that I realised I had never explained, my name, Northern Star Photography.

My photography work is my release and my way of dealing with everything that is going on in my life and as a lot of it is self-portraiture I didn’t want people knowing who I am. I decided that it would be better to be called something that still has a personal connection but didn’t mean that I had to fully expose myself.

Northern Star Photography came about when I was looking at the tattoo on my foot (which was also the inspiration for my original logo).  I decided to get this tattoo after listening to Hillsong’s worship song Captain. This song was a huge help when I was struggling as it reminded me that it didn’t matter what I was going through or what was coming I have managed to get through so much more thanks to my faith in God. The specific lyrics that inspired this tattoo were “Your truth is the compass that points me back north” and “Like the stars your word will align my voyage and remind me where I’ve been and where I am going”. This song gave me hope that there was more to come no matter what I was going through and has become an anchor for my faith when I am struggling.

The more I researched into the North Star the more I realised that this was the right name for me and my work. The North Star or Polaris can be seen through an average telescope. You don’t have to have any fancy equipment to see the beauty of it. This is something that I wanted to achieve with my work. I didn’t want it to be specifically designed for a certain group of people but I wanted it to be something that could be seen by anyone who wanted to. The North Star is almost always found in the same place every night; it is constant. Polaris is located almost exactly above the axis that the Earth spins on meaning that it is always found in the same place. This was important to me as it meant that there was another constant in my life; a life that is filled with so many changes and inconsistencies, there was one thing that was consistent and that was, is and (hopefully) will always be the North Star!




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