London Exhibition Preparation

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Over the past week I have started working on my piece of work for our London Exhibition. Although this piece is going to be a lot bigger than my previous piece that was exhibited in Manchester I have used the knowledge I have gained from producing that one to speed up my process and also develop on it. My London piece is going to 8x4ft and so far is looking a lot more impressive than my Manchester piece. This is the thing I love about my work though. It can constantly be developed and changed and built upon and it doesn’t matter how messy or destroyed it gets because it all just adds to the effect.

The feedback I got from my Manchester piece was that it was too neat and clean so I have had great fun this week messing about and experimenting in several different ways:

Experiment #1

Mixing dirt into my wallpaper paste before flyposting my images.

This seemed like it was going to be a really good idea and had positives and negatives to it


  1. I didn’t have to really get my hands mucky – Although I can be a bit of a tom boy playing with dirt and having to get my hands mucky is not something that I am a big fan of so it was rather nice to just be able to use my empty wallpaper paste bucket to scoop dirt up in before adding the wall paper mix and water and mixing it all together without getting a single speck of dirt on me. 
  2. It left a dirty residue behind – Applying my work in this way meant that when I was ripping the images back off the board a dirty residue was left underneath which dealt with the issue of my Manchester piece being too neat and clean. 


  1. The images didn’t stick well enough – When I stuck the images down they looked like they were fairly well stuck down until it came to the point of having to rip my work off the board in when it all just went to pot really. I wanted to be able to rip at the work and only some of it rip off and for only the top layers of parts of it to rip off but this did not happen instead all of the image ripped off every single time which just left me with what I had had the day before just with some dirty residue on it. 

Experiment #2

Applying wallpaper paste over the images and throwing dirt at it

This experiment surprised me with how well it actually worked but also had negative and positive aspects to it. 


  1. It left dirt behind and the images ripped correctly – Because I had just used normal, clean wallpaper paste to stick my images down when it came to ripping them off the work had the aesthetic I wanted. Because the dirt was on top of the prints as well bits that weren’t ripped off were still covered in dirt which definitely added to the aesthetics of the piece. 


  1. It meant getting my hands dirty – As I have already pointed out above I am not a big fan of dirt or muck and so to have to physically grab handfuls of dirt to throw at my work was not an ideal situation for me! This was made worse by the fact that once I have picked the dirt an army of ants seemed to run out from their hiding place and congregate around the place where I had removed the dirt from! THIS IS NOT OKAY WITH ME! I do not like ants! 

Experiment #3

Spray Paint!

My final experiment was to use spray paint and graffiti over my final layer to be ripped off. This was my first attempt at using spray paint and I found it to be great fun.


  1. It added to the affect of the work – By using spray paint to graffiti over my work it added to the realistic feel. I also found that it made my work look messier (in a good way) and felt like it fitted in really well with the aesthetics of my piece already. 


  1. It took a while to get right – As I have never used spray paint before it did take me a while to get it right. It took time to find the right distance and then I found that it tended to need a couple of layers to really stand out on top of my work so it was a little bit more time consuming than I would have hoped for.

All in all though I am extremely happy with my London piece and have attached some images below of the work coming together 🙂

Beginning the Layering of imagery 📸
Beginning the Layering of imagery 📸
Experiment #1 left hand panel Experiment # 2 centre and right hand panel 📸
Experiment #1 left hand panel
Experiment # 2 centre and right hand panel 📸
Spray painting graffiti over my work 📸
Spray painting graffiti over my work 📸

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