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GAME DAY – Incandescent ’16 exhibits at Hoxton Arches

Today we arrived bright and early at the gallery ready to hang the last few pieces, attach our artist labels and add the last bits of paint to the gallery before we exhibit tonight. I spent my time here hanging my own work with the help of fellow photographers James Burns, Ash Blakeley and Dan Nichols.

First things first holes had to be drilled into the corners of each panel of my work and I was trusted with the power tools and this job (something I was rather excited about).

Drilling holes ready to hang (Photo credit: Gabriella Csutor 📸)
Drilling holes ready to hang (Photo credit: Gabriella Csutor 📸)

Once this was done we had to work out the measurements for hanging, use special screws and drill my work into the wall. This is where things started to go wrong:

Firstly, my work is rather heavy (the boys struggled more than myself though holding it up ready for hanging but admittedly I have been lugging it around for over a week so I’m kind of used to the weight of it!) and so to maintain holding it at the height it needed to be at proved to be rather tedious and hard and this was made even harder when having to make sure each piece was level with the others.

Secondly, the second piece of wood had warped and when we tried to hang it we came up against a couple of issue such as the screws not being able to go into the wall because we couldn’t straighten the board enough. This was great though because it meant that this piece was only hung with 3 screws and that there was a step between this piece and the one next to it which I felt added to the affect of my work.

We finally managed to hang it all though, put all the labels up and finish the painting in the space of a couple of hours which left us the afternoon to go and explore and sort anything out we needed to.

It is finally up! 📸
It is finally up! 📸

This time consisted of frantically searching for shoes to wear for graduation for me as well as having graduation nails done! Once I had finished pampering myself though I arrived back at the gallery to do our chalk board to go outside the gallery entrance.

My chalk board for Incandescent '16's exhibition 📸
My chalk board for Incandescent ’16’s exhibition 📸

Now it’s time to get ready for the exhibition!

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