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Over the past few days I have started to edit the images I shot last Friday. This has been an interesting process because although I have some idea of what I want my images to look like I am also experimenting with how I edit them and the use of typography in my work.

There were a few necessities that I believed that I needed to include when editing the images:

  1. I wanted them to look like propaganda/advertisements which meant that I needed to include typography and think about typefaces, font size and colour, as well as the positioning of the text. 
  2. I felt that the images had to be ridiculous, extravagant and just generally over the top and so wanted to make sure there were bright colours involved in all my images.
  3. I wanted it to be obvious that this is a body of work is a mockery and so wanted to highlight the fact that it is an ice cream cone that has been PVA glued onto my models head – I mean I’m not trying to fool anyone with this fact! 

So this was my starting place when editing but firstly I wanted to see how one of my test images would go down with people and so I shared it on the Northern Star Photography Instagram page and Incandescent ’16 shared it on theirs. Here were the responses:

Test shot posted on Incandescent '16's Instagram page
Test shot posted on Incandescent ’16’s Instagram page
Test image posted to Northern Star Photography's Instagram page
Test image posted to Northern Star Photography’s Instagram page

They seemed to get a good general reaction to them and so I began to carry on with my actual edits for this new body of work that I am creating. 

I had asked my model whilst working with her if she could have any colour unicorn horn what would she have. Gold! She would have a gold horn! As my princess unicorn I felt that this was fairly appropriate and so when editing I decided to look for a shade of yellow/orange that was close to gold but also worked well with the rest of the colours I was working with. 

On originally editing my images I just put the # that I wanted to use in this selection of images in but the more I researched into advertising I realised that I needed to add in a few more bits to some of them such as terms and conditions in small writing at the bottom of them all. When writing the terms and conditions though I wanted them to be a ludicrous and out there as the images were so I began researching into the sort of terms and conditions included in adverts. It was through this research that I feel that I have been able to create the most realistic and at the same time unrealistic advertisements that fully match my original aim. Check them out at:

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